My Wizard World

I’ll never forget the day I met with a psychiatrist and got my ADHD diagnosis.

I’d been reading books about ADHD and was quite sure this was what had caused me so much difficulty in life. As the doctor went over my intake info he saw that my father had once owned a Dairy Queen. He immediately started talking about how much he loved cherry Mr. Mistys. He went on for a couple of minutes about them and I realized that he also must have ADHD. After finding out that, yes indeed I had ADHD at 49, all I could think was, why did no one know this about me? All these years of suffering! How different my life would have been if I had known! Grief and anger are common reactions to diagnosis.

I got home and lay on my bed, my head swirling with the truth. Then it struck me that I felt like Harry Potter when Hagrid comes to him and tells him he’s a wizard. Harry now had an explanation for the confusing things that had happened in the past. I’m a wizard, I thought! I’d had to try to conform to a muggle world that often made no sense to me. I knew I looked at things differently and had my own way of doing things. How do I now adapt to the muggle parts of life? I wondered.When can I use my wizard powers?

After I started school at ADD Coach Academy I knew I found my calling as an ADHD coach. I was learning about my own brain and how to help other wizards understand theirs. It amazes me to think that if I had never left my small hometown of Page, AZ, I would never have known about any of this! I can’t imagine my life without the joy of working with and enjoying other people with ADHD. When we’re together our brains light up in the most magical way possible. When I ask clients if they are familiar with Harry Potter and they say yes, they immediately connect to my story. The wizard world analogy clicks with them and helps them understand why some people don’t get ADHD. As wizards we spend a lot of time trying to explain our world to our muggle loved ones.

Coaching can help you understand your own brain and share what works for you with others. You can be successful doing things your own way whenever possible. You’re not broken! You just have a unique brain wiring. You’re a wizard!