It’s Not Too Weird If It Works! – April 3rd, 2014

I am home recuperating from an injured foot. The embarrassing cause of my injury? I fell off my sandal. Fortunately my foot is not swollen. A pain pill helped me sleep last night and I was truly blessed to sleep all night without having to go to the bathroom. I didn’t want to wake up my husband with any thumping. You see, I am using my clothes hamper as a walker.  I can hop on one foot while pushing it forward. I discovered it when I needed to stand to brush my teeth.  It stood next to me all night in case I needed it during the night. It is my friend today as well. I did have to scoot downstairs on my backside to get breakfast. My trusty friend was dragged beside me.  Before I came back upstairs I put my laptop and purse inside so I could work in my office. (Of course it had towels in it which made it easier for me to take my stuff out!)

I’m good at sharing one of my favorite lines with my clients, ”It’s not too weird if it works!”  Those of us with ADHD are very creative at thinking of different ways to do things. Sometimes we’re afraid someone else will think it’s weird or make fun of us. The truth is that we get ideas for a reason. Unless it’s a hazard, consider giving it a try.  I’ve seen my clients create success in many areas by making it work their way.

I first realized this truth when my son’s neighbor had a new truck and put a rubber owl on it when he was home to keep the birds from pooping on it. I laughed the first time I saw it and then thought, “Well, its not too weird if it works!”  Give it a try and let me know what’s working for you.