Peggy Barber of Good Thinking! ADHD Coaching is truly a gift. Her energy is refreshing. She empowers me to be refreshed and walk in life confidently! She has guided me to stay on top of things and to stay organized. Peggy truly knows how to coach an individual. She provides customized and confidential coaching in a caring and compassionate manner.


Coaching works and Peggy is amazing. As an adult who wasn’t diagnosed with ADHD until my mid 30s, I was lost. As a business owner and mom of 3 I was barely surviving. Trying to juggle everything, constantly forgetting things and never completing anything was a constant struggle. I was beyond frustrated when I found Peggy. I just did a goggle search for ADHD coaches and there she was.  Peggy was always positive reminding me to focus on the good and successes. She helped me understand how the ADHD brain works.  As we worked on weekly goals, discussed triumphs and struggles I slowly was creating habits and strategies. I began to slowly be more aware of my brain, my needs and what works for me.  Medication only helps so much. With ADD it’s about strategies. Not just any strategies, strategies that work for you. Peggy will help you figure it out and make sure you’re successful!


The process that Peggy facilitated with me has dramatically transformed my day-to-day thinking from often overwhelming, defeated confusion to a realistic appreciation of my strengths and growth opportunities.

Peggy has a gift for truly listening to others and providing realistic, useful feedback. I walked away from our first session armed with truly helpful information, proactive, tried-and-true steps to take – and a true feeling of great hope that I hadn’t ever experienced related to my ADHD condition.

I want to express my gratitude for the benefits I derived from my coaching sessions with Peggy Barber of Good Thinking! ADHD Coaching….I learned that what I had used to think of as wasted time when I sat and did nothing was actually useful time when I could learn to be calm and to quiet my mind so that I was refreshed… I have learned to establish a routine of daily exercise, meditation, writing, and other rituals which give me peace and happiness.


Working with Peggy has helped me organize my teenage life. For one thing, I am healthier because I am drinking more water than soda. My room is organized in a way that meets my needs and I have developed a schedule for my day.

Coaching has helped me realize who I am and to notice what is working and what isn’t working. I understand what works for me and what doesn’t – Lists don’t work but post-it notes do help me stay organized.

Each week I set challenges for myself. This brings out my determination. Now I can better advocate for myself at school and in other situations.


Peggy Barber of Good Thinking! ADHD Coaching is such a gift! She has helped me find solutions for everyday living including what turns my brain on, (bright colors) and how to tweak my routine to fit my needs. I have the compliment section of the notebook she has me keep to remind me I’m a good person. She has taught me there is no shame if I’m not perfect and she champions what I can’t see.

She has helped me see the goodness within.

My life is better because of her talented coaching. Anyone would benefit from the life coaching she provides, but to those of us with ADHD she is an answer to prayer.

Thank you, Peggy!

A real eye-opener for me … great!

Peggy knows her stuff better than anyone. Her coaching has made an incredible difference in my life!

In one brief coaching session, Peggy has given me actionable solutions that already help me succeed.
It more than pays for the price of her services.

You can’t go wrong with Peggy! She is the most caring person on the planet and knows her stuff!

Best [money] I’ve spent in a long time!

Empowering … I would definitely recommend this.