Coaching works and Peggy is amazing. As an adult who wasn’t diagnosed with ADHD until my mid 30s, I was lost. As a business owner and mom of 3 I was barely surviving. Trying to juggle everything, constantly forgetting things and never completing anything was a constant struggle. I was beyond frustrated when I found Peggy. I just did a goggle search for ADHD coaches and there she was.  Peggy was always positive reminding me to focus on the good and successes. She helped me understand how the ADHD brain works.  As we worked on weekly goals, discussed triumphs and struggles I slowly was creating habits and strategies. I began to slowly be more aware of my brain, my needs and what works for me.  Medication only helps so much. With ADD it’s about strategies. Not just any strategies, strategies that work for you. Peggy will help you figure it out and make sure you’re successful!